Volume-1 Issue-7, June 2013

Volume-1 Issue-7, June 2013, ISSN: 2319-9598 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Performance Evaluation of a Small-Medium Scale Yam Chips Dryer
J. T Liberty1, C. E Odo2, S. A. Ngabea3

Comparative Study on Rice Husk and Ground Nut Shell in Fly Ash Bricks
Sanjay Salla1, Jayeshkumar Pitroda2, B. K. Shah3

Optimization of Geometrical Parameters of Gate-all-around Tunnel FET for Analog RF Applications
Kalaivani.P1, M. Usharani2

Multi Cloud Architecture for Improved User Experience
S. B. Shivakumar1, Ramesh B. E2, Kavitha G. M3, Mala M4

Design and Implementation of Modified Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Noise Cancellation in Speech Signal on FPGA for Minimum Resource Usage
Kartheek B. V1, Manojkumar S. B2, M. B. Anandaraju3

Analysis of Ripple Content in DC-DC Converters
Archana Bhat

Design and Implementation of Highly Secure Cryptosystem for Image Encryption
Suvarna M1, Prabhavathi K2, M. B .Anandaraju3, Nuthan A. C4

Data Rate Enhancement For Cell Edge Users In A Wireless Cellular Network
Parlekar Pinal Narsinhbhai1, Mary Grace Shajan2

Volume-1 Issue-6, May 2013

Volume-1 Issue-6, May 2013, ISSN: 2319-9598 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Compressive Strength Development of Fly Ash Concrete for Different Cement Replacement Levels
B. K. Narendra

Enhanced Location Based Energy-Efficient Reliable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ahmed Ali Saihood1, Rakesh Kumar2

Decimation Filter Design for Multistandard Wireless Communication
Pooja R. Bande1, S. D. Bansod2

Routing Alternatives for Network Lifetime Maximization of WSNs Using Heuristic and Fuzzy Logic Approach
Deepak S. Gaikwad1, Sampada Pimpale2

Study of Power Generation of Doubly Fed Induction Generator in Wind Energy Conversion System
Deepak Kumar Gupta1, Bhupendra Kumar2

Time Series Analysis of Forecasting Indian Rainfall
Akashdeep Gupta1, Anjali Gautam2, Chirag Jain3, Himanshu Prasad4, Neeta Verma5

ICT’s Impact on HRM: Special Peoples Endeavors
Syed Asif Ali1, Monir Ahmed2

Detection of Urdu Sign Language using Harr Algorithms
Syed Asif Ali

RF Bluetooth LNA Test Cost Reduction for Catastrophic and Parametric Faults
Ayari Nadia1, Hamdi Belgacem2

Volume-1 Issue-5, April 2013

Volume-1 Issue-5, April 2013, ISSN: 2319-9598 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Analysis and Design of Ferrocement Panels an Experimental Study
Nagesh M. Kulkarni1, D. G. Gaidhankar2

Secure Clustering in a Distributed Network
S. Harippriya1, T. Kalaikumaran2, S. Karthik3

Wireless Fingerprint Based Security System Using Zigbee Technology
Mukesh Kumar Thakur1, Ravi Shankar Kumar2, Mohit Kumar3, Raju Kumar4

A Two-Warehouse Inventory Model for Decaying Items with Exponential Demand and Variable Holding Cost
Ajay Singh Yadav1, Anupam Swami2

A Study Single Electron Transistor In Neural Network, Nanotechnology and Memory Design
Shivani Chauhan

Design & Analysis of Low Power Low Voltage Regulated Cascode Current Mirror
Sheetal Dixit1, Ramanand Harijan2

Volume-1 Issue-3, February 2013

Volume-1 Issue-3, February 2013, ISSN: 2319-9598 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

An Improved Ant Colony Otimization (IACO) Based Multicasting in MANET
Deepender Dhull1, Swati Dhull2

Distributed Estimation and Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhenxing Luo

Geographic Information Based Protocol Analysis (EGMP)
K. Kavitha1, K. Selvakumar2, T. Nithya3, S. Sathyabama4

New ZCW Complete Complementary Code Set and its Analysis
Yang Xing1, Tony Liu2, Xiao Chen3

Region Filling and Object Removal by Exempeler Based Image Inpainting
Nikhil Sharma1, Niharika Mehta2

Biometric Security Systems
A. M. Bojamma1, B. Nithya2, Prasad C. N3, M. N. Nachappa4

An Enhanced Technique for Red-Eye Detection and Correction Using Neural Network
Rashmi Chandra1, Rohit Raja2