Volume-1 Issue-11, October 2013

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Volume-1 Issue-11, October 2013, ISSN: 2319-9598 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Air Pollution from I. C. Engines & It’s Control
Sharad R. Mahajan

Influence of Conductive Carbon Black from Waste Rubber Tire on Electrical and Mechanical Response of Polymer Composites
Chetan Sheth1, B. R. Parekh2, L. M. Manocha3, Parul Sheth4

Wireless Power Transmission with Solar Power Satellite
Vaibhav R1, S. Sai Bharathwaj2

Renewable Train and Railway Station
Kaustubh Dilip Patil1, Uday R. Patil2, Firoj U. Pathan3

A Study of Future Trend for Sustainable Development by Incorporation of Supplementary Cementitious Material’s
Chirag J. Shah1, Vyom B. Pathak2, Rushabh A. Shah3

Face Recognition Based on Local Image Descriptor and Non-linear Features Extraction
Mina Hojjati

Response of Elevated Liquid Storage Steel Tank with Variable Frequency Pendulum Isolator
Poonam S. Sutar1, S. C. Potnis2, S. K. Bhor3, Vinayak Sutar4

Influence of Incidence Angle on the Electrical Parameters of a vertical Silicon Solar Cell under Frequency Modulation
Moustapha Sane1, Martial Zoungrana2, Hawa LY Diallo3, Gokhan Sahin4, Ndeye Thiam5, Mor Ndiaye6, Moustapha Dieng7, Grégoire Sissoko8

Impact of Vermicompost on Lettuce Cultivated Soil
M. M. Manyuchi1, T. Mudamburi2, A. Phiri3, P. Muredzi4

Exchanging Path Oriented N-Generated Keys Via Alternative Path for Secured Communication in MANETs
Chandrakant N

Efficient Indexing of Spatial Query
Vikas Patil1, Madhumati Unde2, Manjusha Jagtap3

Mitigation of Switching Transient in Transformer
Sagar Devidas Bole

Password Generation Techniques For Accessing Cloud Services
Vaishnavi Deokar1, Sayali Deshpande2, Radhika Devkar3

Study of the Photo Thermal Response of a Mono Facial Solar Cell in Dynamic Regime under a Multispectral Illumination and Under Magnetic Field
Mame Faty Mbaye1, Martial Zoungrana2, Ndeye Thiam3, Amadou Diao4, Gokhan Sahin5, Mor Ndiaye6, Moustapha Dieng7, Grégoire Sissoko8

Design of Fault Tolerant Memory System with Difference Set Cyclic Codes
Swarnalatha Eluri1, Hemalatha Rallapalli2